We are experts on sleep.

We earned this title after 25 years of sleep experience in the United States...after selling sleep products in the billions of dollars to the largest chains in America and the world. It is important to us that our sleep products be of the highest quality. Therefore, from the design stage until a product comes to your home, we are meticulous about every single detail. The products are planned and designed by experts in the field of sleeping, we choose the finest quality raw materials and our products are manufactured in the most advanced factories in the world.

After many years in the United States, we decided to make Aliyah and establish a brand of sleep products suitable for the Israeli public. To bring to Israel the American standard but with conditions suitable for the Israeli public.

One of the things we put emphasis on is price. The selling methods and the existing markup on bedroom products significantly increase the price of the products. Therefore, we chose to sell our bedroom products directly to you online, without intermediaries and without any markup. This allows you to get the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost that the product was sold in the store.

One of our values ​​is comfort. Comfort is expressed not only in excellent sleep products but also as an approach. We have made the shopping experience of complex and complicated bedroom products simple and convenient. Instead of leaving the house, finding parking, dealing with salesperson offering a huge variety of products at confusingly high prices and then carrying home the product or paying for shipping...At Panda we have made the shopping experience much more comfortable. All you have to do is visit our site, choose one of our top quality products, pay a great price and the product will arrive at your home.

We set ourselves another goal: complete transparency with the customer. Therefore, all the information about us and our products exists on the website. The website also has a wide range of questions and answers that can help you, and, if you still have a question, our Customer Service will be happy to help you.

We're here to upgrade your sleep. Because we believe that a good day begins with a good sleep.